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Today was a Sunday I’ve prayed would be the norm for us.

If you knew our family a year ago, we’re not the same! This morning when I opened my eyes I thought, “I’m tired. I don’t want to get out of bed. It won’t hurt if we miss church this Sunday.” However, something much stronger pulled me out of bed and I got myself ready. The boys didn’t put up a fight (they never do now), they simply were ready to go! So we rolled out and made our way there.

Once we got to church, we were a few minutes late (I’m a constant work in progress y’all). I instantly felt the presence of God. I’m talking that instant “I forgot how tired or stressed I was” that Holy Spirit joy pouring over you feeling. I could see the sanctuary doors open and the room was PACKED! In this moment my heart was flooded with joy even though I knew I would probably be seated in the back. Which I was more than happy to do because I KNOW God was showing up for someone that needed it today! Luckily though, I was able to sneak up closer, with one of my big kids following me. I grabbed my seat but notice he wasn’t beside me. I’m looking around for him and my friend points him out to me. My middle son chose to sit a couple rows in front of me, which turned out to be the first row! Then I notice my oldest son wasn’t with me either, but when I turn to look for him, he’s sitting in the aisle across from me, also in the front row.

Both of my boys chose to sit in seats on their own. Not with me. In church on a Sunday morning that I originally thought “meh I’m tired and don’t really NEED to go.” This act from my children is BIG because there was a time when they fought it, they felt uncomfortable, they didn’t understand why we go to church. Yet, with patience and constant prayer we make progress each day. They are FAR from perfect but they continue to show up. In this moment I knew God’s Plan is working in a mighty way. As if this moment wasn’t big enough for this mama, the worship song was at the part that says “This is how I fight my battles.”

When I tell you I threw my hands up and had the most thankful praise to God, you best believe me! That’s exactly what happened. This IS how I fight my battles. This IS how I fought the battle with my kids! The message this morning was about surrendering and trusting God. I’ve lost count on how many circumstances I’ve had to truly surrender to God and trust His Plan.

Today I am a thankful mama. I’m a proud mama. I’m trusting God in all things. Please believe that whatever you’re facing today, God has a plan for you. Give it to God, and know that you will be different after you truly surrender. Things may be tough or cloudy but He works ALL THINGS out for good.

I pray each of you have a beautiful Sunday and a blessed week.


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