How It All Started...

Updated: Jun 8

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

2 Corinthians 5:17

"If the devil were a sly old fox, I would catch him and put him in a box." Picture the most adorable little girl in the most adorable frilly Sunday best dress, with ruffled socks and curly hair, picture this precious child singing this in church. For her parents, all the grandparents and church family, which were probably beaming with pride. They were probably also thinking, "oh, our sweet Charity is going to be perfect and do GREAT things for God!"

Singing this song is one of my first memories I have of church, and I have MANY church memories from growing up in a close knit church family. After this particular signing debut (NO OTHER SOLOS PERFORMED AFTER THAT, EVER AGAIN. You are welcome!), I remember jumping from the alter area, claiming myself "She-Ra the Princess of Power". This statement should date me, so no need to throw around numbers!

In this moment I had no idea the winding road my Christianity would take. I had no idea that I would do everything in my power to walk in my own darkness, outside of God. Sometimes feeling too far from Him to ever reach again. Growing up in a religious home, attending church just about any time the doors were open and active in the youth group. I definitely learned about God, and the redeeming grace the He offered. Yet, at some point things became cloudy for me. Confusion and insecurities overpowered me as a young Christian girl. I know now that this was all whispers from the enemy and I fell for it, at an early age. I believed that my voice couldn't or wouldn't be used for His Glory. I remember feeling like maybe I really wasn't praying hard enough, or maybe I really wasn't believing enough. ALL lies from the enemy to keep me from truly growing into what God intended for me all along!

Every single wrong choice I made, every time I walked away, every time I chose darkness over the voice of God, He was patiently waiting for me to come back and fully surrender my life to Him. All so He COULD use my life to show His goodness and redemption. When I was at my lowest and deepest darkness, God not only met me there, He picked me up and covered me in true peace and comfort.

This blog, this website, this ministry has been fiercely prayed over and created to share the beauty of God's redeeming power. God moved in my life and gave me the confidence in His Word to stand firm and be a voice to let others know, He is and always will be there waiting for us to come back to Him. I know at times it can be confusing and intimidating and sometimes flat out crazy to think we REALLY CAN have fullness and peace. I am here as a true testament to this very thing! God laid it on my heart to create a place where others might be able to take those first steps in understanding God's goodness or come back to His goodness. My prayer is that anyone that crosses this page feels the love of God.

- Charity

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