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Parking Spot Epiphany

One morning I was running late to work. I mean, full on struggle bus morning, couldn't get myself together, or the kids out the door. Someone didn't want to go to school, someone else couldn't find their backpack, and the list goes on and on. So, I finally arrive at work and I found myself driving around and around the parking garage looking for a parking spot. Mind you, I work in one of the largest medical centers in the country and this is pretty normal, but I usually can snag a spot. Well, on this particular morning, there didn’t seem to be any spots open. I'm circling and circling and then I see one, so I tried to squeeze in it, only to realize, someone had taken up two spaces! After venting my irritation, to no one, but myself, because (in my mind) that driver could care less and had went on about their day. I drove around a little more and found another open one! Because of the angle, I couldn't just pull into it, so I thought, "I'll just back in, that should work better. Nope, that space was too tight of a fit, compact cars only kind of spot, but best believe, I tried and tried! Insert more irritation.

So, I started circling again, and again, and again…I am getting more and more frustrated by the minute! Bam! I see a car in a spot with their back lights on, “ok, this is it, they are leaving, I'm here for it, park and go inside, let's go. Also, side note here: this spot just happens to be “my spot", you know that unofficial spot that's my favorite one, the one I imaginarily put my name on, yep, that spot. All the while knowing good and well there is not a spot in the entire garage that is really mine, but I really REALLY like that one. I’m waiting and looking at the time and waiting some more... like, for a while. Only to finally realize someone was just simply sitting in their car, taking up the space, did I mention this was "MY SPACE?" By this time I am absolutely losing my mind, like seriously just fuming. So here I am, I have to drive around again, and then guess what, I found one! Now, it was further than I wanted to walk, and wasn't the one I wanted, but, you know what, it was the spot that was open for me.

As I pulled in to park in the space, everything that just happened, hit me at once. I put my vehicle in park and I started thinking, "well isn't this is just like God?!" Sometimes, we have to wait, and be patient. The bible tells us patience is a virtue. I am here to tell you Jesus is still working on me in that area, ok?! But I encourage you today and want you to know, things may not always look like what we “want” or what we picture for ourselves, but when the time is right, it’s right! We may have to walk a little further than we want, or work a little harder, or even rejoice with others because it’s their time, but keep holding on. Because when something is meant for you, IT’S MEANT FOR YOU. It will be the right fit, at the right time, it's not in our time, but it's always in HIS perfect time. Ecclesiastes 3:1 tells us "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens."

What God has for you is meant for you. Don’t give up, what’s coming IS coming!


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