Some days are just HEAVY

"He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds."

Psalm 147:3

Today is a heavy day for so many, young and old. Some have lost their fathers due to elderly age and even though they had the privilege of soaking up years and memories with him, a deep pain is still present. While others, did not have that luxury and also experience that deep pain. Many family members have lost sons, brothers, and friends that they watched become fathers and fall naturally into that role. Then, there are the young men that have passed long before ever getting the chance to become a father, leaving family and friends to only dream of what kind of father their loved one would be today. Others have never experienced the love of an earthly father and that brings a certain voided feeling today.

No matter how the loss happened, today can be full of emotions and reminds us of the heartbreak we have all experienced.

I say WE because my family is deeply impacted today, I know the heaviness that this day brings. While I am blessed to still have my father here on earth, my children have lost their father. Although my late husband was not the biological father to my two older boys he was in every sense of the word their DAD! My youngest son was only three years old when his father passed and people always tell me, because he was so young, that he won't remember the hurt. I know this is a well meant statement, however it is usually from ones that have NEVER had to sit with a young child that has lost a parent and hear their brokenhearted comments. The "I wish my dad was still alive" or "I wish I had a dad" because they simply see a man interacting with their children.

Times like this, conversations like this with my son make me think of the types of conversations Jesus has with God on OUR behalf. Probably sounds a little like this, "Father, give ME all of their pain. Give ME all of their hurt. Take it all the way away from them and place it on me because I CAN HANDLE IT!"

I know I have said these exact words! I prayed for God to just give ME all the heaviness and allow my children to not know that deep hurt.

The Bible literally tells us that He wants to HEAL our broken hearts and bind our wounds. So if today is heavy for you, your heart hurts and misses your father, know that God your heavenly Father wants to heal that hurt you have. Trust him with that deep pain.

My heart is with all that feel heavy today. Know that the true peace and comfort you seek will only come God, your Father in heaven.

- Charity

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