What can faith REALLY DO?

Then He said to the woman, "Your faith has saved you. Go in peace."

Luke 7: 50

This has become one of my favorite scriptures. So simple, straight to the point and for me it brings a flood of comfort. Jesus is speaking directly to a woman that EVERYONE else in the room only sees for her sins and flaws. Yet, Jesus sees the faith! I'm sure this woman has heard or felt all the whispers about her and her past, causing her to feel unworthy for far longer than God intended. I say this because I know that is precisely how I have felt and this kept me from the presence of God.

I felt unworthy to look to the face of God. I felt I did too many things, I strayed too far, I said too many things. I felt I was simply too much for God to redeem. I mean, in my mind I thought, "why would He want ME back?"

Then Jesus sat with me in my darkest times. Patiently waiting for me to allow myself to see Him in everything around me. Even in the devastating times, because through devastation we are in a place to truly humble ourselves before God. At that point He moves in with peace and comfort that can only come from Him. This sinful woman in the passage in Luke, truly humbled herself before Him. She was probably thinking He would only see the shame she brought with her, yet she felt compelled kneel at His feet. The whole time, Jesus saw the faith that brought her there. Whether we are new to Christianity or renewed/making our way back to Him. We all start with having faith, a faith that brings us to the feet of Jesus. He meets us in that moment and covers us with the redemption that can't be denied.

The Bible says it over and over, "go in peace" because when we are living in His true peace, we are showing our God to a world full of spiritual unrest.

So, what can faith REALLY DO? Faith leads us to the feet of Jesus. Faith leads us to true redemption. Faith gives us the peace to combat the spiritual unrest of the world.

This is what my faith has done for me!

I pray you have faith today.

- Charity

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