Who has the power over your salvation?

I will be the first to admit, I have let other people's opinions of my salvation and relationship with God hold heavy weight with me. I've viewed myself through the eyes of others, rather than the eyes of God. This is not at all what He intended for me.

In the book of Matthew, we learn that when Jesus rose from the grave, Mary Magdalene is among the first to see the risen Lord! This speaks volumes to me. Here's why, she is one of the women that everyone views as probably having TOO MUCH of a past. They possibly viewed her as unworthy of salvation. I'm willing to bet they considered her to be THE LAST person they expected Jesus would reveal himself to, probably considered her to be flat out NOT GOOD ENOUGH for that reward. Yet, earlier in the book of Matthew, we are given a little foreshadowing, Matthew 20: 16 "So the last will be first, and the first last. For many are called, but few chosen."

Sometimes, the last person you expect to be used by God, is who He has chosen to be FIRST! God sees every bit of our past and still wants to pour salvation over us, despite what other people may say about us. The truth is, when we stand before God on OUR judgement day, other people's views of us will not be voiced in that moment. WE are responsible for our salvation. We will answer for what we do with the grace and redemption God gives us. Did we stand quietly in the background because we allowed others opinions to be more valuable that the One who created us? Or did we live loudly for God, walking in His purpose for our lives, un-phased when others doubt His work in us?

If others can only see the OLD you, that's on them! Be brave in your new life and walk with Christ. Let that redemption shine and stop giving other people so much power over your God given purpose this side of heaven.

Keep the power of your salvation between you and God! Be the walking testimony He desires.


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